About Jane LaFazio

Jane LaFazio (photo by Roxyanne Young)

Jane LaFazio

I am a mixed media artist working in paper and cloth.

I hope to inspire you by sharing my own creativity with you, via classes, workshops and my blog. 

I guide students to discover that they can indeed draw, and then paint with watercolor! And with that skill comes the invaluable gift of seeing the world as an artist does, noticing detail and color and pattern and joy in life.

I believe I am living the life I was meant to live, that of an artist, art teacher, and partner of my beloved husband. 


I love teaching!

I love teaching!

I travel a lot, which I love! I teach a lot, which I love! I also make a lot of art ~ and you can guess that I love doing that too!

When I’m not engaged in art making, I spend time with my husband (we love free outdoor concerts!) and practicing yoga a couple of times a week (I’ve been doing yoga for 10 years now.) I laugh at my kitties, Buddy and BeBop (both are now social media semi-stars, thanks to me.) 

Interesting trivia about me:
I love to laugh and am a continual kidder.
I was a contestant on the game show, “Hollywood Squares,” and I won a car.
I did tandem skydiving (jumped from a plane at 12,000 feet.)
I was an international flight attendant, when they still wore mini skirts.
Chocolate chip cookies are one of my favorite foods.
I do yoga poses in public places all over the world and post the photos on social media.

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My Life Story: When I was a child, I would visit my father once a month, at his apartment in San Francisco, (my parents were divorced) and not only would he take me to museums, plays, and craft fairs (and to Haight Asbury!) he encouraged my creativity by making things. In his kitchen, he had a card table set up, laden with treasures like glitter and pipe cleaners and crepe paper. We would work there together, during my visits. At each holiday, as I recall, he made me giant Easter eggs full of candy, or two foot high Christmas trees of crepe paper, that I would take home on the train (usually, the creations needed their own seat!)

My mother, a working single mom of two, condoned my creativity by the simple unspoken rule, that if I was doing something creative (perhaps rearranging my doll house, drawing, or building a flag pole from broom handles in the backyard) she would not interrupt me to do chores. I was 16 when my mother brought home a stitchery kit (as a gift for a cousin.) I commandeered it and began my love of hand stitching. For many many years I worked kits of crewel work, needlepoint, and counted cross stitch. When I went back to school, in my late twenties, I took graphic design classes. I knew I loved working with my hands, but didn’t think I could ‘draw.’ I went on to work in technical illustration, graphic design and marketing for about 15 years.

It wasn’t until my husband’s brain aneurysm, in 1992, that I discovered I could draw and was an artist. My husband, Don, was 46, and had a brain injury. He had to learn to walk, talk, read and write all over again. I was his 24 hour caregiver. I was loosing the “Jane” in me, while grieving my husband’s cognitive losses and the future plans we’d made. I signed up for a drawing class, every Tuesday morning. I realized I could draw! The teacher moved away, and the class became a watercolor class. I didn’t want to change to watercolor, but it was my only free time during the week, so I became a watercolor artist. Over the years I added collage, and mixed media, and textiles to my artist repertoire.

My husband’s brain injury forced us to recreate our lives. He is my biggest cheer leader and supporter now, while I work full time as an artist and teacher. I work hard now, at what I love. I blog every other day about my creative pursuits with pages from my sketchbook, art quilts, a new collage or recent trip. I share tutorials and, I hope, inspiration with my readers.

jane and don

My husband and I, August 2013

Authored Articles:
Just Jane ebook: a compilation of 14 of my articles from Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors magazines. 2015
Quilting Arts magazine: June/July 2007, October/November 2008, October/November 2009, June/July 2010Feb/March 2011, April/May 2011, Feb/March 2012, June/July 2013, Feb/March 2015
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Education Bachelor of Arts, Asian Studies and A.A. Graphic Design
Art Teaching Experience:
 The Blue Walk (Greece, Danube River Cruise, France, Italy) Art is You (California, Minnesota, Connecticut ) LavenderSage Art Retreats (Taos, New Mexico) Sketchbook Skool (online) Tesoro del Corazon mixed media art retreats (San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, Santa Fe, New Mexico) Adventures in Italy (Orvieto, Italy) Art and Soul Art Retreats, Art Unraveled (Phoenix, Arizona) Athenaeum School of Art CREATE (Chicago, New Jersey, California) Idyllwild Summer Arts Program International Quilt Festival, Long Beach and Houston, TX  Mingei Museum of Art San Diego Oceanside Museum of Art School of Art Random Arts (North Carolina) San Diego Museum of Art
Contributor Books: An Illustrated Life, Danny Gregory 2008, Material Visions: A Gallery of Miniature Art Quilts 2004, Fabric Art Gallery 2005, Beginner’s Guide to Art Quilts 2006, Sew Somerset 2008, Mixed-Media Self-Portraits: Inspiration & Techniques, Cate Coulacos Prato Art Quilts at Play, Jane Dávila and Elin Waterston 2008, Surface Design Essentials, Jane Dávila 2010, Personal Geographies, Jill K. Berry 2011 The Cloth Paper Scissors Book, Barbara Delaney 2011, The Sketchbook Challenge, Sue Bleiweiss 2012, Creating Art at the Speed of Life Pam Carriker 2013, Stencil Girl, Mary Beth Shaw 2013 
Online Interviews:
Selected Solo & Group Exhibitions:
Palomar College Boehm Gallery (4 person show: 2006);  California Center for the Arts, Escondido Museum (invitational); Expressive Arts Institute of San Diego (solo); ArtWalk 2005 featured artist and ArtWalk Refrigerator artist;  Dos Amigas: Icons, Milagros, and Tributes (5 years running–2 person show);  Scripps Memorial Hospital (solo);  South Chula Vista Library (solo)
Visions Art Museum, 2015
Selected Juried Exhibitions Numerous juried art exhibitions since 1994, including acceptance into: 2014 Southern California Baja Norte Regional Exhibition (Havana) International Quilt Festivals (Long Beach, CA; Houston, Texas)
  • 2013 Exquisite Moment  (Havana)
  • 2012 Rituals (Nature Journal)
  • 2011 The Space Between (Industrial Aged)
  • 2010 Beneath the Surface   (Above the Bog)
  • 2009 Edges (Zen Eucalyptus)

2011 Interpretations, Visions Art Museum 2010 Quilt Visions: No Boundaries (Zen Eucalyptus) 2008 Athenaeum Annual Exhibition (Ralphs Letters) San Diego Art Institute Annual International Award Exhibition three times; Oceanside Museum of Art Regional 4 exhibition; El Cajon International Friendship Festival Fine Arts Exhibits; 2000 San Diego Museum of Art All California Juried Exhibition   and many monthly exhibitions in San Diego Art Institute;  Escondido Municipal Gallery and San Diego Watercolor Society

Yoga Poses in Public Places (Acropolis, Athens, Greece 2015)

Yoga Poses in Public Places (Acropolis, Athens, Greece 2015)